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Profile of Hiroko Iwata

Because I believe jewelry symbolizes beauty and gives us a dream, I have made it my mission to unlock the mystery of jewelry by using various keywords that I can get from Greek mythology, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Peter Pan, a ballet performance, a horse race, a princess, witchcraft, etc.

Hiroko Iwata

Hiroko Iwata became an essayist after graduating from Keio University and working as an editor.


She is the author of eleven books: Yume-miru Jewelry (Dream Jewelry), Koi-suru Jewelry (Jewelry on Great Movies), 21 seiki-no Tsumetai Jewelry (Cool Jewelry of the 21st Century), Kowaku-no Jewelry (Fabulous Jewelry), Genuine Stones and Jewelry that bring Happiness, Diamond A to Z, Hoseki Monogatari (Tales of Jewelry), Yousei-no Lesson (Lesson with a Fairy), Yousei-no-youni Ikite-mitai (I want to Live Like a Fairy), Pinku-no Monogatari (Tales of Pink Colors) and Birthday Hana-uranai (Birthday Flowers).

She has made an authorized translation of David Kirk’s picture books: Miss Spider’s Tea Party and Miss Spider’s Wedding.

Her essays were published in famous Japanese women’s magazines: Kateigaho (Sekaibunka Publishing Inc.), Fujingaho (Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.), Mrs. (Bunka Publishing Bureau), PHP Special (PHP Publishing), JJ (Kobunsha Co., Ltd.), etc.

She was a speaker at the 15th International Jewelry Tokyo in 2004 and held exhibitions at Roppongi Hills: Collections of Jewelry in Fairy Tales (2008), Van Cleef & Arpels and the World of Fairies (2010).

She is expanding her world to include jewelry and fairies, and is beginning to illustrate her essays.